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I'm pretty much guaranteed to talk about stupid stuff.

But I'd like to be friends.

I spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at Homestuck. The rest of it is used for American comics, webcomics, manga, and real life.

I'm Fandork over on Tumblr and Twitter too.
AO3: Fanderp for Homestuck, Fandork for everything else.
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This is a list of fandoms that I either have or might participate in and not a list of series that I enjoy...mostly because that list would be insanely long.

Anime/Manga )

Books )

Cartoons/Comics )

Movies )

TV )

Video Games )

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Oops. Long time no see.

Here are some misc. recs, all of which are m/m...because apparently I'm a terrible person. I'm sorry. I'll try harder.

Be sure to carefully read Author's notes for any warnings/triggers.

Star Trek (2009)

Switch, James T. Kirk/Leonard Horatio "Bones" McCoy, M, by Ceres_Libera

Marvel (Movieverse)

Launch Your Assault, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, M, by foxxcub

The Eagle/Eagle of the Ninth

Fighter, Marcus Flavius Aquilla/Esca MacCunoval, M, by PlaneJane

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So...I have to admit before I start that I've only seen pieces of a few episodes of this series, mostly because I am squeamish and very easily offended. But because the fanart for this series can be really awesome, I've been toying with playing around with it for about a year.

How Long Till Your Surrender, Kyle Broflovski/Eric Cartman + others, M, by wettermark, art by GreenByDay and sketchersocks
Author's Summary: Stan is self destructing, Craig Tucker might be gay, Butters can't handle Cartman's wiener, and Kyle just wants to get out of South Park without losing his mind, his best friend, or his virginity.
Warnings: Mentions of underage sex, drug/alcohol abuse, suicide attempt

Fall in Light, Clyde Donovan/Craig Tucker + others, M, by Sally Forth, art by CMoonToon and NoWhere
Author's Summary: It's senior year and Craig is putting his all into figuring out his relationship with Clyde, which also means figuring out everything about Clyde. (Some might say Craig should put something into figuring out himself, too...but Craig isn't one of them.)
Warnings: D/s, a sexual encounter that gets out of hand

Might Last a Day (Minus Forever,) Kyle Broflovski/Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski/Stan Marsh, M, by sometimesalways, art by emixoo and NoWhere
Author's Summary: At twenty-five, Kyle Broflovski thought he had his life all planned out. He was living in Denver with Stan with a nice apartment and a decent job. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when Stan breaks up with him and he loses his job all in the span of a few months. Now Kyle is back in South Park, living with his parents, and trying to figure out where he goes from here. Enter Eric Cartman, who always got under Kyle’s skin as a kid, and who was now about to do so again, in more ways than one. (A story about reevaluating yourself and your life. Or, How Kyle Broflovski Got His Groove Back.)

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I've been wanting an Anole icon for years, so I kinda feel accomplished.

I have Anime Boston this weekend, but I'll make a proper post once I've recovered. I kinda just want to brag a little right now.
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A handful of AO3 recs from my bookmarks.

Breakfast Club:

Fifteen Detentions, Bender/Brian, M, by Kaneko

Most Likely To, Bender/Brian, M, by Kaneko

The Supper Club, Bender/Andrew, M, by Kaneko

Higher Education, Bender/Brian, M, by Resonant


A Most Fortunate Geometry, Jean-Paul/Bobby (Northstar/Iceman,) T, by Nenena

Scott Pilgrim:

Listen to Bands That Don't Even Exist Yet, Stephen Stills/Joseph, Stephen Stills/Julie, M, by Lexie

Star Wars:

Lost, Luke/Han, M, by Walkerminion

Top Gun:

Kings of the Air, Maverick/Iceman, M, by FabulaRasa

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Ugh. I was supposed to be doing things this break, but I've been seriously lazy. I haven't even worked on a single sketch. (Here's my sketch tag on Tumblr: I'm not a very good artist, but I try.)

I'm also supposed to be transfering fic recs from LJ. That's been difficult because I prefer to have them saved as memories and a lot of the authors don't have Dreamwidth pages, so...I guess I'm going to have to start doing them in posts. That means I'm going to have to re-read a lot of them beforehand. Some of them I saved years ago and I can't really remember the quality.

Hopefully I'll get a good chunk of it done before I go back to school. Even if that's unlikely.
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I'm just going to put some Yuletide recs here. When I say "recs" I mean that I put a link down and say that I like it.  (I also have a million and a half other exchanges to go through. All in due time.)

Breakfast Club:
Turn a New Page, Tear the Old One Out, Bender/Brian, M, by Anon

Marvel 1602:
The Lay of your Lands, Peter/Johnny, T, by Anon

Toy Story:
Peripheral Vision, Andy/Sid, M, by Anon

Easy A, Andy/Sid, T/M, by Anon

Quick Fix

Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:41 am
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If anyone I subscribe to has any friending policies that I've missed, I'm sorry. I'll try to double-check everything after the New Year.

I'll try not to post too much, I'm just putting this here for now. :)


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